Blind Pig & Habana Creative

We've got some really exciting news today - we are pleased to say Blind Pig are now being represented by Habana Creative for all your motion graphic needs!

Habana is a creative production company that makes high-quality commercials, branded content, animation, documentaries and interactive experiences. And if you arent sure.. The Blind Pig studio is truly multidisciplinary with an eclectic blend of skills including, motion graphic design, illustration, animation and sound design.. leading to a
ward winning work across interactive digital billboards, holographic projections before live audiences and groundbreaking pop promos!  

So with Habana's collaborative, keen and creatively-focused approach - and our creative bunch of animators, illustrators and musical maestros (Headed up by Ric Comline, CD, renaissance man.. and dog lover!) We will provide you with a 360’ creative service together, should you need it. 
We cant believe we didn't think of this before!